1. Can I play my own music?
Yes - if you book the entire venue. Otherwise, we specially curate all our own music and playlists.

2. Can I bring my own DJ or band?
Yes, you can bring your own DJ or band for special occasions, however

  • We must review their profile in advance

  • You must submit examples of the music that you would like played

  • The DJ or band should stick to a genre

  • All speakers need to face the ocean

  • A list of sound equipment and specifications need to be submitted to our events team 30 days prior the event for review and application of licenses

  • The DJ or band needs to adhere to our venue’s sound level requirements

  • Exclusive booking of the venue is required for DJ / band performance

3. What music do you play at TBC?
TBC plays chilled, uptempo tracks. A lot of the tracks are Nu disco. The music is prepared by our music director Mr Keith Colaco (aka KFC). Later hours of the night TBC include more dance/house tracks to build the party vibe.

Example of the type of music we play -

4. Do you have DJ equipment?
Yes. TBC has all the DJ equipment and speakers for a party of up to 1,000 guests which you can rent from us. Please enquire on pricing.

5. Can the DJ play in other locations of the venue other than the DJ booth?
This is possible, however a set-up fee may apply if, for example, some re-wiring is required. We also have some movable speakers.

6. Do you have a microphone and speakers?
TBC has a wireless speaking mic (not suitable for singing) that can be connected to remote speakers for up to a 150 pax event. For larger events, the TBC microphone can be connected the venue AV system. Please enquire on pricing.

7. Can I bring my own AV company (speakers and microphone etc)?

  • We have an AV company whom we work closely with that we can recommend to you.