1. When can I set up for my event?
Please submit your proposed set up plan and timing to the event manager for approval. We suggest at least 2 weeks prior the event.

2. When can I do my AV set up?
All AV must be set up after operational hours, i.e. pre 11am and post 11 pm. Please advise exact times of sound checks. Unfortunately no sound checks are allowed during operational hours.

3. Are there any limitations or constraints we should know about?

  • All speakers must face the ocean, not the venue

  • Speakers must have limiters

  • All set up items need to be removed directly after the event

  • You must submit a program of set up timing

  • If structural work is being done, TBC needs to approve plans and precautions that will be taken

4. How can my contractors access Sentosa for free?
Your contractors can show a purchase order for the event to access Sentosa. TBC can send to a letter to confirm access for contractors if required. Please give us advance notice.

5. Can I bring in my own equipment, tentage etc. ?
As a tenant of Sentosa, we are required to use Sentosa management contractors and suppliers. Sentosa will make an exception for items that are custom built. The main items are tentage, stages and generators.

6. What can we rent from Sentosa?

  • Stage

  • Tentage

  • Fencing

  • Additional tables and chairs

  • Additional beach space

  • Generators

  • AV equipment

7. How much does it cost for a stage?                                  
Prices vary based on your requirements. Please enquire.

8. How much does it cost to rent spaces next to TBC? $800-$2,000 depending on the day of the week.

9. What is the cost for tentage?
Prices vary based on your requirements. Please enquire.